A CDD Campaign for Inclusive Living

CDD is a leader in providing safe and accessible group home situations, yet strongly believes that the future of inclusive and equitable environments lies in a new model of care.

Adults with developmental disabilities struggle not only with their challenges, but also finding a safe and healthy living environment. For the poor, the fight is life-threatening. Today, the struggles of these individuals have never been more acute, but there is a better way!

Nurture. Enrich. Thrive.

This campaign will enable CDD to begin the move from group homes to ISL homes — nurturing individuals with developmental disabilities, enriching their living environments, allowing them to thrive and achieve their highest potential.

Our goal is to construct 7 ISL homes, of which 3 are medically intensive.
To support these homes, an endowment will provide long-term funds for enhanced operations. A program segment will support the needs of residents and nursing initiatives to promote their wellbeing.

For 50 years

The Center for Developmentally Disabled (CDD) has provided safe, healthy, supportive homes for our most fragile community members. Caring for almost 200 individuals in 46 locations throughout the community, CDD has a proven record of providing compassionate, effective care for adults from 16 years old, until end of life.

Decades ago

These individuals were cared for in large, impersonal institutions. In the recent past, they have had a better life in group home facilities. Now there is the concept of Individual Supported Living (ISL) in homes of three or four individuals that can provide a higher level of individualized care, helping these persons to reach their full potential.

A New Model of Care

Moving from a context of group homes to Individual Supported Living (ISL) is a concept that is embraced by CDD and the State of Missouri. Three to four individuals are cared for by professionals who help support their needs 24 hours a day, seven days per week. These are homes, not institutions. It is a better way that provides better lives for these individuals.

Currently, CDD has many group homes and few ISL homes that have full accessibility for the developmentally challenged. While day to day costs are provided through Medicaid. There are no capital funds available to build additional ISL homes.

You Can Make a Difference

We invite you to make an investment for our community’s adults with developmental disabilities.
In their voice, thank you for your generous consideration.

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