00:02 [Music]
00:19 hi my name is Sarah Mudd and I’m the
00:21 president CEO for CDD in Kansas City
00:24 first I want to give a huge shout out to
00:27 all of our direct support professionals
00:29 who have gone above and beyond to make
00:31 sure people are healthy happy and safe
00:33 we have seen you work double and triple
00:36 shifts we have seen you moving and we
00:39 have seen you do countless other things
00:40 to make sure our individuals are well
00:43 cared for hi Jackson how are you is the
00:55 hardest part with Aurra the folks we
00:57 work with and we consider our CD family
01:00 as a they can’t see this they don’t
01:03 touch it they don’t smell it they don’t
01:04 feel it and we come from a culture where
01:08 we hug people where we oh we can’t do
01:14 any that right now to every donor and
01:16 the philanthropic funding community in
01:18 Kansas City wow you guys have really
01:21 stepped up to make sure that agencies
01:24 like CVG are able to keep their doors
01:26 open and their missions moving forward I
01:29 just wanted to give us
01:32 huge thank you to all of our DSPs who
01:35 are out living in our locations working
01:38 12 hour 16 hour 24 hour shifts you guys
01:42 are the true heroes during this
01:45 unprecedented time CD has seen expenses
01:48 rise in wages and overtime food and
01:52 non-food supplies medical supplies and
01:55 cleaning supplies we are asking you to
01:57 consider a donation to CBD your donation
02:02 would be greatly appreciated thank you
02:04 and stay safe
02:06 I know it’s really hard to think about
02:07 money right now but we’ve got to because
02:10 you gotta have money to protect people
02:12 bill and Chris we’re walking today they
02:14 got their walking done bill walk sweetie
02:16 so sweetie got expertise too and if you
02:19 said this we need really enjoyed our
02:21 exercise hi everyone I hope everyone’s
02:25 staying home and being safe and miss you
02:27 all and we’ll see you soon
02:41 stay home Casey stay safe and stay home
02:51 [Applause]
02:59 [Music]