PALS University – Video Premiere

Thanks to Stellar Image Studios for the amazing work, and to John, Issac and Danny … the stars of the show!

PALS University is CDD’s newest project and we’re excited to get it open. PALS is a day program, and stands for “People Actively Living Socially.” The goal of PALS University is to teach people independent living skills with a community component. Residents enjoy PALS because there are so many different options of things to do during the day and a variety of rooms – each having their own theme. There’s a game room, a gym, a sensory room, a kitchen – and the curriculum is geared much like a university where people can pick classes and build a schedule that fits what they want. CDD runs three main residential programs, one of which is Individualized Supported Living.

We are currently developing two duplexes which will turn into ISLs in Clay County. Watch the video below for more information on PALS University, and meet the stars of the video (John, Issac and Danny) – some of our ISL residents!